[:it]Acqua Bianca is born, the aromatic liqueur by Salvatore Calabrese[:]

[:en]Its name is Acqua Bianca and its creator is the icon of mixology Salvatore “The Maestro” Calabrese: it will be available from the end of February, distributed exclusively in Italy by Velier.

We are talking about a truly particular liqueur, produced by the historic Dutch company De Kuyper Royal Distillers and developed by "The Maestro" with the aim of creating a revolutionary product, different from any other already on the market: a truly new category in the field of liqueurs. 

The inspiration came to him by reading nineteenth-century recipes in which a particular ingredient appeared, ambergris, a precious substance used for centuries by perfumers as a fixative to add intensity and a more lasting fragrance to perfumes. Calabrese wanted ambergris in his Acqua Bianca precisely to make up for a common lack in liqueurs: the aroma, which is often lacking compared to the sensations on the palate.

He added natural ingredients from the lands of Southern Italy, those linked to his origins, to the ambergris. Thus in Acqua Bianca we find lemons from the Amalfi Coast, bergamot from Calabria and cedar.

To give a further touch of personality, there are notes of peppermint and rose. The result is a liqueur different from all the others, versatile, suitable to be tasted straight as well as mixed with both white and dark spirits, leaving ample creative freedom to the bartenders.

The launch of Acqua Bianca took place in London in The Donovan Bar, the place led by Calabrese himself: on this occasion the liqueur was mixed in several variations, giving life to cocktails such as Fresh Spritzer, where it is combined with Italicus, pink grapefruit juice and prosecco, and Sal's Stinger, where instead it is mixed with a Vsop cognac.

Such a particular product needed an equally unconventional "dress", and Calabrese's daughter took care of it, with her Five Foot Eight agency. The particular design of the bottle, very evocative, recalls a book with the label acting as a spine.




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