[:it]Sartorial: the new Ceresio7 cocktail list inspired by fabrics is reality[:]

[:en]Ceresio7 , a well-known cocktail bar in Milan, presents the new cocktail list created by bar manager Guglielmo Miriello and his team. With this new paper Ceresio7 creates a sensorial journey to discover the textile world and its origins. Everything is matter and the first element to change container and substance is the menu, made entirely of Jacroki fabric, a natural and ecological material, mainly composed of cellulose and patented, created by the Okinawa company. Delivered to the customer rolled up and closed by a thin leather strap, the menu immediately reveals the exclusive journey that the customer is about to embark on.

The inspiration came thanks to intense team work: the idea of the fabrics was born both to give customers a new and never-tried experience, and to remember and celebrate the connection with the world of fashion and design, origin of concept by Ceresio7.

The name Sartorial, was formed from the idea of creating a personalized and tailor-made experience. Just as a skilled tailor creates his clothes with passion and care, the Ceresio7 team studies and develops the drinks. Ceresio7 is a "mixology laboratory", where Guglielmo and the other bartenders (Abdel, Santino, Dario, Federico) create, often in advance, the bases for the cocktail preparations. The preparation work sometimes takes hours or days and allows the complete extraction of the aromas used in order to give the different flavors and fragrances time to mix and combine.

The paper is divided into two sections: Textiles, born from the in-depth study of textile materials and tailoring, is composed of cocktails "designed" with the elegance and refinement of these fabrics in mind, the other is You inspire me, a selection inspired by the great classics reworked.

In Textiles each cocktail represents a fabric. A menu designed to activate all the senses that brings together cocktails with surprising textures and bold and unexpected combinations.

Among the cocktails we find for example Pride of silk, inspired by silk, with ingredients from Japan, such as kumquats, Miyagawa mandarin and Nikka from the Barrel whiskey with hints of chamomile and acacia honey; it is served in a particular Japanese "cup" with oriental floral ornaments.

The cocktail list You inspire me instead it gives us surprising re-elaborations and re-enactments of important moments in the world of mixology.

Among the cocktails we find Wood, inspired by Cosmopolitan. Of the famous cocktail it has the pink color, given not by cranberry but from beetroot powder, together with the sour notes, the result of a processing of ascorbic acid and malic acid with orange liqueur and edible glitter.

“Thinking and creating Sartorial paper gave me the opportunity to experiment with different techniques and play with flavors and textures. It all comes from the desire to arouse curiosity and surprise our customers, with the aim of giving emotions both to enthusiasts and to those who are now approaching the world of mixology.”

Guglielmo Miriello, bar manager Ceresio7[:]


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