[:it]The Ramazzotti distillery bottles hand sanitizer during the Covid-19 emergency[:]


The Ramazzotti distillery in Canelli, part of the Pernod Ricard group, joins the commitment already announced by the Absolut Vodka plants in Sweden, Rabbit Hole, Smooth Ambler, TX Whiskey in the United States and numerous Group sites in other countries to deal with the global emergency.

“In this delicate moment, hand disinfectant, given its scarcity, is an increasingly useful and essential asset for local communities” as explained by Laura Mayr, director of the Ramazzotti Business Unit, “and if in our normal functions we are Creators of Conviviality, now is the time to support public health and make our active contribution.”

The hand sanitizer will be distributed and donated to the Italian Red Cross, the Civil Protection, the Fire Brigade, the municipality of Canelli and the employees and some suppliers of Pernod Ricard Italia.

“We acted promptly thanks to the help of all the people who work in the distillery and the purchasing office in Milan” explains Tomas Volpin, director of the Canelli distillery “to offer concrete help to those on the front line at this moment.” A tangible and heartfelt effort to support our community to put an end to Covid-19.[:]


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