[:it]Tio Pepe 1-o-1: a new completely digital format for the best-known sherry in the world[:]



For the first time in the history of the Tio Pepe Challenge, the event that had taken place in person for years was not held. As a replacement, a new and completely digital format has been organised: the Tio Pepe 1-o-1. Competition is a format that takes place on Instagram, with a group stage involving 24 selected bartenders as standard-bearers of their country of origin and which, for our state, features Francesco Bonazzi of MAG La Pusterla in Milan, the latest addition to the family of Flavio Angiolillo and associates. In this first phase there will be one-on-one battles, which will eliminate half of the participants who, in the next phase, will clash again in the same mode to remain in 3 finalists.



Each participant is asked to demonstrate his preparation techniques on different topics: in first phase is called to create a highball using Tio Pepe fino, in the second a cocktail with sherry infusion and, in third, a Dean Callan's twist on Colada. Each challenge also involves other skills, predicting gods quiz on the world of sherry in the first phase, carve an ice ball faster than your challenger in the second and finally master the Venencia technique in the last one. The Venencia is a tool used to extract Sherry samples from aging barrels in cellars and consists of a small cylindrical steel cup at the end of a long flexible shaft. This technique allows you to both extract the sherry from its own cask and pour it directly into the glass.


Until the 6 semi-finalists phase, only the public on Instagram will vote, using the hashtags created for the occasion. The final, That will be held on June 9th, will be Instead judged by six specialists from the bar and wine world. At the center of the competition remains Tio Pepe, the best-known sherry in the world, an extremely elegant wine produced in Jerez de la Frontera by the historic Gonzalez Byass company. A perfect wine also for mixing.



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