[:it]Vecchia Romagna celebrates 200 years with the launch of Riserva Anniversario[:]



On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of its birth, Vecchia Romagna – brandy born in Italy in 1820, best-selling in the world – presents the exclusive Anniversary Reserve: a true work of art, the maximum expression of Italian know-how, both in the design of the bottle and the case and in the blend.


Anniversary Reserve was born from a continuous search for excellence which has its foundations in a unique production process, the “Old Romagna Method”, governed for two hundred years and composed of three fundamental steps:

  • the skilful combination of two distillation techniques - the discontinuous "still" one of the Charentais type which allows a greater concentration of all the aromas and perfumes of the wine of origin, and the continuous "column" one which gives the distillate purity and roundness;
  • the slow and patient aging of the distillate in fine oak barrels and barriques;
  • blending, an expression of all the skill and experience of Vecchia Romagna in selecting and expertly combining only the best spirits.


The result of a skilful blend of rare and precious spirits distilled in different historical vintages, whose sum of years of aging is 200 and characterized by a color bright and brilliant amber with mahogany and coffee reflections, Anniversary Reserve it is a distillate for true connoisseurs: on the nose it is intense, complex and equipped with great structure and persistence on the palate. The Note ethereal and fragrant of fruit in alcohol and of Ripe orange peels they are masterfully combined with more structured hints of walnut leaf and tobacco, coffee And fortified wines.


To give even more prominence to this exclusive Reserve, Vecchia Romagna has chosen the ancient art of the master glassmakers of Salviati Venice 1859. A collaboration that gave rise to 200 limited edition copies, with a distinctive triangular shape, individually numbered and signed, and which made each bottle an unrepeatable work of art, skillfully created through blown glass technique. Uniqueness, elegance and contemporaneity also inpencil case with refined details, made with the best Italian leather, and in glorifier which celebrates it: a handmade pedestal starting from wooden slats obtained from the precious oak barrels in which the aging process of Vecchia Romagna takes place.


“With Riserva Anniversario we wanted to maximize the essence and characteristics of an extraordinary brandy like Vecchia Romagna, to propose something truly exceptional in the brown spirit market in Italy and around the world” comment Marco Ferrari, CEO of Montenegro Group. “We are proud to present this masterpiece today as a symbol of Italian know-how, the result of 200 years of great passion, intuitions and constant pursuit of excellence that have always distinguished our work”.


For more information: https://vecchiaromagna.it/riserva-anniversario/

To see the presentation video of Riserva Anniversario: https://youtu.be/wI_1q4hvZqk[:]

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