[:it]Molinari and its 75th anniversary[:]


Seventy-five years after the birth of Molinari, the iconic Italian company celebrates with a Limited Edition bottle born from the collaboration with Olimpia Zagnoli (OZ) and the consultancy of the KleinRusso creative community. “I drew many people arm in arm, each with their own color and their own story. Different but united. What I hope to see around me in my city, in my country and in the world" declared the well-known illustrator with an unmistakable style, Olimpia Zagnoli. The Limited Edition is being distributed in large-scale retail trade and, on the site of the company, in a premium version with a special package that includes two glasses, also signed by OZ. “We chose Olimpia” said Molinari Marketing Manager Anna Ballirano “because our goal was to communicate the values of conviviality and Italianness. She was the artist who, more than anyone else, was able to interpret these concepts and we immediately believed that her colourful, lively and pop style could be the right one to give a little color to the days we spend at home”. Molinari Extra, a product for which the company - founded in Civitavecchia (RM) in 1945 - is famously known, it is still produced with the original recipe, that of Angelo Molinari. “For each generation only one member of the family is aware of the recipe: now the person in question is Angelo, the founder's grandson of the same name” said the Marketing Manager. However, the versatility of this liqueur obtained from the steam distillation of star anise seeds and its mixing with natural flavourings, alcohol and sugar is there for all to see. Molinari can be drunk straight, iced, on the rocks, in correct coffee or mixed. Here, it manages to be the protagonist both in the reinterpretations of the great classics, such as Margarita, Mojito and Moscow Mule, and in newly created cocktails, thanks to its unique, characteristic anise flavour.

However, one of the most popular methods of consumption remains 'with the fly'. “The funniest legend about it has it that it was born behind the scenes of Federico Fellini's “La Dolce Vita”, when Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Walter Chiari and other actors met during breaks in a café on Via Veneto in Rome. One day someone among them jokingly dropped a coffee bean into a glass of Sambuca and then started shouting: There's a fly! From that moment on, we have never stopped drinking this unusual version which, indeed, inspired another famous product of the company born in 2000: the liqueur to drink straight, with ice or mixed, Molinari Caffè. Over the course of these three-quarters of a century, if the recipe of the Lazio company has been primary in building success on a national scale, much of the merits must also be given to the investments made in the field of communication. “Our company has been present since the beginning of Carosello and, since then, the family that still manages the brand has never stopped investing in communication, always trying to do it in an original and irreverent way”. There have been several innovations in recent years, the main ones being the expansion of the activities of the Molinari Foundation, a charitable association born from the will of Angelo's daughter, Mafalda Molinari, to support local health projects and which now also deals with projects related to childhood, the further expansion of the product portfolio, with the recent entry of products from the Remy Cointreau range, and the launch of Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari, the rooftop of the hotel of the Pavillion The First Roma Arte group. Here the counter is led by the Roman bar manager born in 1989 Alessandro Simeone, whose key points are eco-sustainability and, not surprisingly, respect for tradition.[:]

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