[:it]Vermouth is from Turin: PGI is coming[:]

[:en]We have been waiting for it for about 20 years and now we are almost there: The recognition of Geographical Indication for the Vermouh / Vermouth of Turin is ever closer after the technical file has been examined by the experts of the European Commission.

The outcome of the examination was positive, so we are now only waiting for the publication of the Official Journal so that the geographical indication can finally be applied to the historic Turin aperitif and protect it as such.

But what exactly is this label for? Basically to protect not only the producers, recently merged into the Vermouth Institute of Turin, but also and above all the consumers from scams and imitations, to safeguard the historical, territorial and qualitative value of one of Turin's most loved specialties.

Roberto Bava, President of the Institute, says: «It is news that we have been waiting for for years, for which we have worked so hard, because it confirms that the Vermouth of Turin is from Turin. We are at the penultimate step, the regulations have been in place since 2017 and we have now received the letter with which the European Commission announces that the process has been approved. We await publication in the Official Journal."

The Institute, which over the years has transformed into a real Protection Consortium, has tenaciously followed every phase of the process of recognizing the Geographical Indication for Vermouth, a product which is recently experiencing a second youth. In fact, there are more and more lovers of Piedmontese fortified wine and there are just as many producers who are specializing in its production, reaching increasingly higher quality standards and closely linked to the concept of craftsmanship.



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