[:en]Altos produced a tequila to support an indigenous Mexican community[:]



Altos Tequila has always had sustainability in its DNA, which affects production processes - conservation of the territory, reduction of water consumption, energy saving, waste reduction -, and involves people and acts in its community understood as the Mexican population, bartenders , consumers and partners. One of the most visually powerful examples of this commitment is the collaboration with Ascalapha, the organization that provides support to Huichol artisans, community from the Jalisco region within the Tequila Region, to create traditional beaded artwork (aka Chaquira). The fruit is the Limited Edition Altos∞Huichol, a colorful and vibrant collection, with unique and precious pieces, poetic objects full of meaning.



Each bottle requires approximately 7/8 hours of painstaking work: using a long so-called needle ganchillo, the beads are applied one by one to a wax base applied to the bottle. The result is unique works of art, each different from the other, all inspired by symbols and designs from thousands of years ago. Craftsmanship, authenticity, innovation in tradition, and the ability to transform an object into an artistic gesture are elements that unite Altos Tequila with the Huichol, a common work in which to find oneself and recognize one another.



In Mexico there are 10 million artisans, and of these the 60% live in difficult situations. The Altos Tequila project, born in 2017, allows both to keep alive a traditional and indigenous culture and to provide the Huichols with a fair income. Profits are also used for infrastructure improvements in the most vulnerable rural communities. There are many activities that Altos Tequila implements within its eco-sustainable action. It is the first and probably the only spirit to launch a competition in which the bartenders are not asked to make a cocktail. The name? Tahona Society. But this story deserves a chapter of its own.



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