[:en]Margarita Day: Tommy's Margarita and three other twists on classics to celebrate it[:]



Today, February 22nd, is Margarita Day, the anniversary created by the American entrepreneur Todd McCalla for lovers of this cocktail born in the 1930s at the end of the prohibitionist era and then becoming famous in 1942. For the occasion, we asked Patrón and three bartenders for as many twists on classic to celebrate the day of this cocktail with a fresh flavor and very simple to make.



Tequila PATRÓN SILVER, triple sec and lime: only three ingredients are needed, to be shaken vigorously, to create a Tommy's Margarita . PATRÓN offers it in its on the rocks variant, with tequila PATRÓN Silver. The cocktail, which became part of the New Era category in the IBA list, was born in 1990 in the Tommy's restaurant in San Francisco and is characterized by the replacement of triple sec with agave syrup.



  • 60ml Patrón Silver
  • 30 ml Fresh lime juice
  • 15 ml Agave syrup
  • 1 slice of lime for garnish

Pour the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake for about ten seconds. Using a strainer and a strainer, pour the drink into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice. Coat the rim of the glass with salt, if desired, and garnish with a slice of lime before serving.


ANTONIO ROSATO – Mandarin Bar & Bistrot – Milan:

Winner of the national final of the Patrón Perfectionists 2018 edition, Antonio Rosato won participation in the world final of the event the same year. For today, he created a twist on classic with Patrón Silver tequila, recalling the characteristic citrus scents of the drink with a sherbet, to which he added yellow chartreuse and lavender bitters.


  • Patrón silver
  • Yellow chartreuse
  • Citrus Sherbet
  • Lime juice
  • Lavender bitters
  • Smoked salt and thyme crust



NICOLA RUGGIERO – Katiuscia – Cocktails and other remedies – Giovinazzo (BA):

Winner of the national final of the Patrón Perfectionists 2016 edition, the bar manager and owner of the cocktail bar in the province of Bari, prepared the West Margarita, a cocktail in which the strength of the main distillate is added to that of mezcal and its bitter Snake Oil, and in which the aromatic power is given by the grilled lime juice.


  • Patron Silver
  • Mezcal Espadin
  • Snake Oil Remedies Quacks
  • Grilled lime juice
  • Orange zest
  • Black salt crust



CRISTIAN BUGIADA – La Punta Expendio de Agave – Rome:

In Rome, in the Trastevere district, there is the temple of the agave. Here, Cristian Bugiada and his team prepare cocktails exclusively with agave-based spirits. The result? A highly varied menu - contrary to what one might think - which includes, among others, the Amor Latino, a twist on the classic Margarita, in which the Triple Sec is replaced by Patrón Citrónge and in which the lime juice is replaced by acidified green apple juice.


  • Patron Silver
  • Patrón Citrónge
  • Mexican syrup
  • Passion fruit
  • Acidified green apple juice
  • Tajin salt



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