[:it]Amaro Amara meets Caroni rum barrels in a limited and numbered edition[:]



The Sicilian liqueur Bitter Bitter reveals a new identity in alimited edition and numbered collector's item: 386 it's bottles of Amara Caroni, a bitter produced with PGI Sicilian blood oranges which ages for twelve months in the barrels of the prized Caroni rum. The bitter notes of PGI Sicilia blood orange peels meet the scents of aromatic herbs from Etna and are enriched by 12 months of aging in barrels that have contained Caroni rum. A slow and patient production process that makes Amara Caroni an original liqueur, one of a kind. Inside a lava stone cellar at the foot of Etna, Amara Caroni is enriched by the round and velvety aromas released by the wood. Six o'clock 190 liter American oak barrels they allow the distinctive scents of the citrus fruits infused in Amara to reach a new state of maturation thanks to the softness and vanilla tone released by the wood.



“Amara Caroni is a fascinating experiment    explains Edoardo Strano, founder and creator of the Rossa Sicily and Amaro Amara brands – born for fun from the collaboration with the famous distribution company Velier, it has become an important project that sublimates my passion for the world of spirits. I wanted to have fun with woods and aging and create a precious limited edition that could tell a new Sicilian adventure."



The original intuition from which Amara Caroni was born came after a pleasant chat with Luca Gargano, owner of Velier, the company operating in the distribution and research of premium spirits. And Luca Gargano himself discovered the immense Caroni stock in 2004 during a trip to Trinidad and decided to bottle it by aging it in the Tropics, thus giving the world a one-of-a-kind rum. The idea was to bring some barrels of the prized Caribbean rum to Contrada San Martino Piana, between Etna and the sea.



“As a great enthusiast, I like to collect fine bottles including those of Caroni rum – says Edoardo Strano – only later did I realize that those emblematic barrels could go very well with a more complex version of Amara". Amaro Amara, after being infused with the best PGI Sicilian blood orange peels and aromatic herbs from Etna, a process that lasts about six months, is placed inside the barrels of American oak and left to mature in an area of the old family farm, where the temperature and humidity conditions are almost constant to become, after 12 long months, Amara Caroni. Amara Caroni is a small, valuable production: ideal at the end of a meal or during winter evenings in front of the fireplace as meditation liqueur.



Among gastronomic pairings most successful, Amara Caroni, thanks to its alcoholic note and its pleasant body, goes perfectly with the Modica chocolate or medium-mature cheeses such as Parmesan Cheese or the Ragusa area. For a unique sensorial experience, true fans will be able to discover Amara Caroni's precious notes by accompanying it with originals fish dishes, such as prawns shaded with rum, or meat, such as pork ribs marinated and glazed in barbecue sauce. The first limited edition bottling of just 386 bottles will be destined for the family reserve and for an exclusive and fortunate circle of tasters, commercial partners and top clients of the brand. The subsequent 1638 bottles of the second bottling scheduled for March 2021 will be included in the catalog of Velier's special and limited editions and will be distributed to selected customers.



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