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2020 is over.

We would have liked to read this sentence probably months ago, when a small being began to take over our lives, preventing us, for the first time in many years, from being masters of our lives. We can write and read this sentence, however, only 9 months later, nine months after that March 9th which brought the whole of Italy to its knees. From artisans to gyms, from swimming pools to offices, this little being has spared no one, not even the cocktail bars which, in fact, represent one of the areas most affected. Due to the association which, from a certain moment on, was born between the desire to contain infections and the measures imposed to do so, they were unable to work, except for takeaway and home delivery.


Even events were not spared, a topic that concerned us in the foreground given theinability to organize, for the first time since its birth in 2017 in partnership with Eataly, the Mix Contest Italy Tour. From the following year the competition, which had become itinerant, had touched all of Italy in a tour organized in collaboration with the NH Hotel chain and NH Collection, which in 2020 was interrupted before the end. For the event in which, with the help of the public, the best cocktail bars were awarded - first in Turin, then in five of the main national cities and then in the whole of Italy - we will have to wait longer. If the context allows us to do so in 2021, we promise that this format, whose objective was to bring mixing and the figure of the bartender closer to the public, will start again.


There was also great regret for the paper guide, which constituted a valuable summary of the research work carried out by Laura Carello, first in Turin and Milan and then on a national scale, on the best venues protagonists of today's mixing scene. Even the same guide will resume regular publication from 2021, in its fourth edition, presented for the first time also in digital version thanks to the new app.


2020 is over and, despite the negative rumors that circulate every day, we will also remember him in a positive way. It was the year in which our blog and our social channels have acquired a more structured organization, thanks to the entry of a person, Alessio D'Aguanno, entirely dedicated to these themes. It was the year in which we saw the birth of many beautiful realities and many others that were able to withstand the impact with creative ideas, which we Italians never lack. Furthermore, it was the year of charitable initiatives by companies in the sector which, despite being in a moment of crisis, understood that at that moment there were companies in even more difficulty.


2021 is upon us and we are firmly convinced that the activities in which we are involved will resume quickly and with great enthusiasm, for our happiness and yours, who follow us and trust us.


Best wishes from the entire MT Magazine editorial team

to all the people and companies operating in this sector


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