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Like every year, even the large production and distribution companies in the beverage sector did not stand idly by. Despite the difficulties of the case, which affected the entire sector during 2020, they did not hold back, on the contrary. They proposed courageous, new, creative and visionary ideas, valid as Christmas gifts. Between confirmations compared to previous years and recent innovations, there are those who have tried to go further, in the field that we have learned to know more than anyone else this year: digital.



The company specializes in the selection of bartender equipment and accessories, through its e-commerce, delivers throughout Italy (from the site) and in Europe and the rest of the world (with the help of an operator). There is the possibility to purchase equipment for enthusiasts, whose flagship product is lo Shaker Cobbler Ilsa (perfect for shaken and unstirred drinks), and for professionals, with the Jigger Pro which is one of the most popular products. You can also buy gods already made kits, from the gift ideas, such as the gift cards that can be used on the site, or i exclusive products, of which RGMania is the sole distributor.




The Fiorenzuola d'Arda company recently launched e-commerce 86 degrees, where you can buy spirits and wines, including Del Professore, Ferdinand's Gin, Memento and Ferro13, books in the sector or some gift kit, such as the bottle of London N°1 Gin with barspoon, the Lepanto brandy with balloon.



Rinaldi 1957

     Big Peat:

As per tradition, this year too the special edition of Big Peat was presented to put under the tree. This is Big Peat 2020 Christmas Edition, a heavily peated blended Scotch whisky, created in small batches of around 5,000 bottles, not cold filtered, without coloring and bottled as cask strength at 53.1% vol.



     Cardenal Mendoza:

Located in the historic center of Jerez de la Frontera, Sánchez Romate Hnos sold, for Christmas, its brandy in a special package containing glasses to enjoy it at its best. The label is produced with native Airén grape, slowly distilled in copper stills and aged for over fifteen years in barrels that have previously contained Oloroso Sherry and Pedro Ximenez.



     Don Papa:

Don Papa Rum is produced, aged and bottled on the island of Negros, the most important sugar cane producing area in the Philippines. For Christmas, his legendary energy and indomitable spirit were packaged in bottles of Don Papa 7 sold together with glasses, to be able to taste them at their best.




On its 100th anniversary, the cognac company bottled and hand-numbered 60 pieces of 1920 Antique XO «100th Anniversary» celebratory decanters. This exceptional cuvée enriches the original ancient XO with a brandy from 1920, preserved in the last century by cellar masters in glass demijohns. The same company also presented the VSOP Rare in a pack with 2 tasting glasses.




For Christmas the well-known gin brand, together with the bottle of its premium Single Estate gin, has decided to pay homage, in a special gift box, organic honey made from bees raised on the Ramsbury Estates, a recipe for a simple cocktail combining these gin and honey and a bar spoon to use to prepare the recipe and other cocktails.




Jamaican rum company Appleton Estate recently unveiled the Appleton Hearts Collection, a limited edition range of 3 Single Marks 100% pot stills selected by Luca Gargano and the company's Master Blender Joy Spence. The Hearts Collection is made up of three unique vintages – 1994, 1995 and 1999 – and is the result of a distillation that keeps only the heart of the spirit and which takes place in the heart of Jamaica.




Martini Cocktail Experience Christmas Edition was born as a proposal aimed at companies, to allow their employees to exchange greetings in complete safety, toasting in front of a screen together with the Brand Home Ambassador and the Event Manager. Two customizable packs were delivered to your home, giving you the opportunity to learn how to make a Fiero&Tonic, an Americano or a Negroni.



Bitter Montenegro:

The company founded in 1885 in Bologna by herbalist Stanislao Cobianchi, on the occasion of Christmas, has created a special limited edition gift box with the possibility, for those who receive it, to immerse themselves 360° in the world of Amaro Montenegro through exclusive contents in augmented reality.




On the occasion of its 175th Anniversary, the historic company has decided to pay homage to cocktail bars, collaborating with four companies in Milan. Thus were born four exclusive milks containing as many special recipes: “175 Boulevard Branca” by Ceresio7 Pools&Restaurant, “Digestivo del Lavoro” by Lacerba Milano, “You can't imagine this flavor” by Mag Cafè and “Branca Home Punch” by The Stage Octavius.



Moët Hennessy           


In September Ardbeg launched An Oa Smoker Gift Pack, a new gift pack for barbecue lovers, who want to take their experience to the next level. The Ardbeg bottle, in this case, is contained inside a special material which acts, in itself, as a smoker.



     Belvedere Vodka:

Over the last six months the Polish company has launched two ideas, both perfect as Christmas gifts. The first is the Golden Heritage, the golden ready to drink from the Dryaway.it project, signed by Lucio D'Orsi, the owner and bar manager of Dry Martini Sorrento. The second are the two ready-to-drink drinks created in collaboration with Emporio Armani Caffè. They are called Spicy cosmopolitan and Armani Espressotini, they are designed by Mattia Pastori and can be purchased on Deliveroo, MyMenu and Cosaporto.



For December, the Glenmorangie brand has created the special "Giraffe Tin" packaging, which dresses the three products Glenmorangie Original 10 Years Old, Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Years Old and Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 14 Years Old in spotted. The meaning of the choice can be traced back to the campaign that the company itself is carrying out for the conservation of the giraffe, recognized as a species at high risk.




Founded in 1765 by Richard Hennessy, the distillery created the special packaging for the Christmas holidays Gold Sleeve for his Very Special. The product? A golden dress that contains a blend of the best cognacs, of a characteristic light mahogany color, with notes of wood, hazelnut and spices and a floral taste of berries and vanilla.




The Champagne house recently presented eco-sustainable packaging that is 9 times lighter than the previous one. Is called Second Skin and its carbon impact has been reduced by 60%. It is entirely made of paper, is recyclable and shaped to follow the curves of the bottle. Born after two years of research and development, it envelops some of the maison's products with great elegance and cleanliness.



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