[:en]Ardbeg has released a peated whiskey aged 25 years[:]




The Ardbeg distillery, born in 1815 on the Scottish island of Islay and acquired in 1997 by Glenmorangie,  has announced its most prestigious and aged whisky. Is called Ardbeg 25 Years Old and he is extraordinary single malt which demonstrates, unequivocally, how age cannot tame the peated soul of Ardbeg, but contributes to producing some of the most complex and majestic flavors ever to emerge from the Distillery. It offers whiskey lovers the opportunity to experience Ardbeg at its most intricate yet balanced and seductive.


The spirit was distilled in the 1990s, at a time when very little was produced each year. Ardbeg from this period is therefore extremely rare, but the Whiskey Creation Team felt that – after a quarter of a century – the malt was so exquisite that it could be bottled and released as a permanent expression, albeit in limited quantities. To contain such a precious cargo, the bottle by Ardbeg 25 Years Old presents itself in gunmetal-coloured metal, enclosed in a "cage" which is also metallic with a seductive intricacy – a reinterpretation of the classic
Ardbeg Celtic Knot – symbol of the wild complexity of this extraordinary whisky.




Ardbeg's Creation Director, Dr Bill Lumsden, explains: “After a quarter of a century in cask, no one would be surprised if Ardbeg 25 Years Old had lost some of Ardbeg's signature smokiness. I can guarantee that this is not the case. Yet, there is also a remarkable complexity and elegance to this whiskey that I find absolutely captivating. It is unmistakably Ardbeg, but also unlike any Ardbeg tasted before”.


Sourced from incredibly rare casks from the 1990s, this supreme expression is Ardbeg at its most intricate, balanced and seductive.
ABV: 46%

Color: bright amber

Nose: A pungent explosion of smoked cream, toffee and peppermint joins the familiar hints of fennel and pine resin, typical of Ardbeg. Aromas of distant campfires mix with herbaceous and fruity notes (banana and tropical fruits), along with fragrant candle wax.

Palate: An extremely spicy, vibrant and warm sensation then leads to an explosion of sweetness from the lemon sorbet (candied apples, pears and oranges), hints of peat, creamier toffee, anise and chilli.

Finish: long, soft, persistent aftertaste, with lots of cream, dark and other notes
delicate. An elegant and relaxing style from Ardbeg.[:]

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