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In the Brands Report 2021, which the English magazine Drinks International draws up every year and whose results on the trending and best-selling brands in the 100 best bars in the world in 2020 we published them in the last article, there is another important ranking. The same bar sample was asked what the best-selling classic cocktails and this equally interesting ranking was born, in which, for the top 10 on the list, we bring you the comments of Brands Report editor Hamish Smith.


  1. Old Fashioned
    • The Old Fashioned retains its throne: It's been the winning cocktail for the seven years we've been probing the classics. Even if for the first time success seems plausible. This year, only 23% of bars said the sweetened American whiskey drink was their top seller, down from 35% last year.
  2. Negroni
    • Seven years and seven second places for this Italian classic. However, it has made inroads, with 22% of respondents identifying it as the best-selling cocktail, compared to 13% last year. Just as the consumption of gin is increasing, so too is that of the Negroni, which could reach the top of this list.
  3. Daiquiris
    • The Daiquiri is once again on the podium and is the best-selling rum-based cocktail. It's rarely the biggest seller at any of the bars in the sample – only 3% said so – but this Cuban classic of white rum and lime was among the two served at nearly a third of the venues surveyed.
  4. Dry Martini
    • The gin-based cocktail for purists comes fourth this year. It was in the top five in just under a quarter of our polls, while just under half said it was in the top 10.
  5. Margarita
    • Having risen two positions compared to last year, the Margarita is the standard-bearer for tequila. Very few of our samples have made this cocktail their main classic, but it is in the top five drinks in the sample's 17% and in the top 10 in the 46%. If we hadn't split the votes for Tommy's Margarita, it would be one place higher.
  6. Espresso Martini
    • Now an established member of the top 10, the vodka and coffee cocktail created by Dick Bradsell holds sixth place. It is one of the top 10 cocktails served in almost 40% of bars and number one in 5%.
  7. Whiskey Sour
    • This old timer of American whiskey and lemon was first published in Jerry Thomas' book How to Mix Drinks or the Bon Vivant's Companion in 1862. Not many bars' best-selling cocktail, but a top-10 classic in the 40% of the bars interviewed.
  8. Manhattan
    • Manhattan ranks again in eighth place, with the 36% of the bars interviewed placing it among the top 10 classics sold. This veteran mix of whiskey and vermouth can play is still among the top three classics sold in more than 10% of bars.
  9. Aperol Spritz
    • It has gained one position compared to last year. Just under 30% of bars placed it in the top 10 and it is a sign that it is still a very popular cocktail. Created by the Barbieri brothers in 1900, Aperol is obviously key to this mix, which includes prosecco and a splash of soda.
  10. Mojito
    • Cuban icon, the Mojito is certainly not fashionable, but it confirms itself as a certainty in terms of sales. The white rum, lime and mint long drink is a top 10 classic in about a quarter of our sample of bars.
  11. Bloody Marys
  12. Gimlet
  13. Moscow Mule
  14. Penicillin
  15. Dark'n'Stormy
  16. Corpse Reviver
  17. Clover Club
  18. Boulevardier
  19. Mai Tai
  20. Sazerac
  21. French 75
  22. Paloma
  23. Pisco Sours
  24. Vieux Carré
  25. American
  26. Amaretto Sour
  27. Rum Old Fashioned
  28. Gin Fizz
  29. Bramble
  30. Brandy Crust
  31. Bellini
  32. Piña Colada
  33. Pornstar Martini
  34. Sidecar
  35. Aviation
  36. Irish Coffee
  37. Last Word
  38. Tommy's Margarita
  39. Bamboo
  40. Tom Collins
  41. Caipirinha
  42. Vodka Martini
  43. Hanky Panky
  44. Zombie
  45. Cosmopolitan
  46. El Diablo
  47. White Lady
  48. Gin Gin Mule
  49. Long Island Iced Tea
  50. Jungle Bird


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