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In January 2019, the Polish company Belvedere Vodka, which has established itself in the ultrapremium vodka category since 1996 thanks to the strong organoleptic properties of the rye-based distillate produced and distributed by LVMH, launched the Belvedere Collective project on a global level, a of bartenders which has 14 representatives in Italy. Consolidated in 2020, the network is made up of protagonists from thirteen different realities - cocktail bars, hotel bars, etc... - at a geographical and mixing philosophy level, who have in common the objective of growing and doing so together with company and other colleagues. The idea came from the company's marketing department which, intent on promoting its products also in Italian mixing venues, decided to rely on professionals of the trade. In the choice of the latter, the importance of the figures themselves within the sector and a still ambitious and flexible mentality played a fundamental role, which stimulates in them the desire to grow with the company, also in terms of visibility. As regards the venues in which they operate, however, priority has been given to those capable of adopting trends suddenly or, even better, of launching them. The aim of the Belvedere Collective is also to create an opportunity for exchange - ideas, opinions, mixing philosophies - among the colleagues themselves.



The protagonists

From Rome to Milan and from Reggio Emilia to Sicily. Over time, the group which started with just nine members has reached a total of fourteen and does not expect to exceed fifteen, despite the many requests received to join it. The current members are: Carlo Simbula of Bioesserì of Brera, Luca Angeli of the Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Dario Serra of Ceresio7, Alberto Corvi of The Doping Club, Gabriele Tammaro of the Octavius Bar of Milan, Riccardo Soncini of The Craftsman of Reggio Emilia, Matteo Di Ienno from Locale in Florence, Livio Morena from Drink Kong, Lucrezia Fulvio from Zuma and Angelo Bonanni from Piccadilly in Rome, Lucio D'Orsi from Dry Martini Sorrento, Davide Mitacchione from Luau Tiki Bar in Bari and Christian Sciglio from Morgana in Taormina .



The advantages

There are many opportunities available to the fourteen members: being able to discover the brand's new products as a national preview and being able to follow their distribution exclusively for a certain period of time, as happened with Heritage 176 from July to September 2020, unique events, such as the Belvedere Retreat which is an intense two days of fun which this year will be held at the beginning of May, launches, brand initiatives and many other new features planned. Even during the periods of downtime, the Belvedere Collective did not stop, with Instagram live broadcasts in which members were involved with their personal profiles or, in some exceptional cases, with the same company profile. The last advantages, which are not secondary, are periodic training activities on the peculiarities of Belvedere products and pleasure and exchange meetings in person or, as in this last period, remotely.



The points of view

The Belvedere Collective is an opportunity for bartenders to get to know each other, meet again and exchange ideas, which are a source of personal growth and that of others. For this reason we chose to interview three of them directly - Livio Morena from Drink Kong, Matteo Di Ienno from Locale Firenze and Dario Serra from Ceresio7 - to get the points of view of the direct protagonists. They all joined it in January 2020, when it was created. In these twelve months there have been many satisfactions and beautiful memories that they will carry in their hearts. “Knowing that I had been chosen made me very happy because it is a great idea” said Livio Morena. “I immediately said yes because it is a project linked to the sharing of skills and knowledge. If that wasn't enough, what makes me even more proud is the name of a great company behind it, which always works in the best possible way." Dario Serra is of the same opinion. “I was stunned. It is not a company but a family, in which I already knew many people, which made me even happier for having been chosen." Matteo Di Ienno pleasantly recalls that “the Belvedere Collective is an opportunity for growth for everyone. Seeing the faces of bartenders again during the lockdown made me very happy" and, when asked what is the greatest advantage of being part of it, he replies "exclusivity. We are the first to taste and try some products which, only at a later stage, will be distributed on the market". The other big plus? “Approaching a world of great elegance and class, with a company that organizes initiatives in an impeccable manner” comments Livio Morena.



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