[:it]Don Papa launches a new contest: he dreams in Berlin with Sugarlandia[:]



Don Papa Rum is a spirit sourced from some of the best sugar canes in the world on the island of Negros Occidental in the Philippines. This year in Italy it is taking first place among the main markets for Philippine rum, also thanks to the distribution strength and marketing activity of Rinaldi Brothers 1957, appreciated and renowned company for the distribution of alcoholic products on the Italian market.


The premium rum, has launched its new creative platform “Sugarlandia is Calling”, this is its first offline activation digital campaign, which will bring bartenders to the next edition at Berlin Bar Convent.

The spring wind arrives in a complex period but brings with it distant scents and scenarios. Scenarios that come from Sugarlandia, the sugar cane island where not everything is as it seems. 
A mysterious force that comes from the depths of the Philippine jungle has chosen Italy as the next country in which to make its voice heard by you bartenders. Will you hear his call, will you hear the voice of Sugarlandia?


Don Papa Rum launches an intriguing challenge: who will be able to best interpret the magical, mystical and mysterious Spirit of Sugarlandia?


– The main indications will be published on Facebook @Rinaldi 1957, Facebook @Don Papa Rum and Instagram @rinaldi1957: make sure you follow them!
– The recipes, accompanied by a short presentation text, may arrive until April 30, 2021.

– Prepare a cocktail that has Don Papa Rum as the only distillate and in one minimum quantity of 40 ml; a bottle of your choice from the range sold in Italy by Rinaldi 1957.

– Take a photo or video of a maximum of one minute, in which the bottle of Don Papa is present and in which you describe the drink and your interpretation of the magic of Sugarlandia. The photo will give a base score of 5 points, the video 10 points.

– The material (recipe, video or photo with drink and bottle of Don Papa) must be sent to p.vercellis@rinaldi1957.it and posted on Instagram or Facebook with hashtags #thedoninitalia #sugarlandiacontest.


Walter Gosso, Brand Ambassador & Trade Advocacy Manager, will crown the winner who will be able to fly to the next Bar Convent in Berlin and will choose the top 5 classified: their creations will be an important part this year of the “Best Don Papa Cocktails Italy”, used in Don Papa events with indication of the author of the cocktail and the related cocktail bars.[:]

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