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In a historical moment of economic difficulty there are some exceptions, some entrepreneurs who try to subvert the trend. One of these is Oscar Farinetti who, 13 years after the start of Eataly, wants to replicate the success achieved in the food and wine sector with another visionary project, which will come to life next to the first location in Lingotto: Green Pea. The theme will be that of respect and the idea is to create a place – the first Green Retail Park in the world, organized over 15,000 m2 spread over 5 floors – where sustainable products are not a duty, but a pleasure: From duty to beauty, as the motto states. The project is scheduled to open on December 8 and inside, on the fourth and last floor of the structure, the rooftop, will host Otium Pea Club, The first member club dedicated to creative leisure. To find out more about the member club, which will have a lounge bar, a spa and the first cantilevered swimming pool in Turin, we interviewed he who will be the CEO and PR: the CEO of To Be Pier Luigi Rosito.


When did the idea of opening Otium Pea Club come about?

The idea of opening Otium was born about ten years ago by Oscar Farinetti. After the great success he had in the food and wine sector with Eataly, he decided to replicate in the field of sustainability with Green Pea. The structure, organized on 5 floors, recalls that of a Greek acropolis, in which the top floor, as was customary at the time, was dedicated to space for leisure. Here we worked with the mind and with comparison and we lazed around, not in the negative sense of the term. We interacted without distractions and the foundations were laid to be able to define the new rules of society: from currency to democracy, up to politics. Starting from this assumption, on the fourth and last floor of the structure you can relax, take your time to read, write, discuss and create, with people who can be an example in this sense.


What will Otium Pea Club be in this case?

It will be a member club, a place that can be accessed from 10am to 8pm from Tuesday to Sunday, dedicated to members only and, from 8pm to 2am, also for external people, who will preferably have to book. To become a member you will need to go to the Green Pea website and start your application, which will consist of answering some questions such as "What is creative leisure for you?" or “Why do you feel green?”.



What is the target you intend to reach?

Otium Pea Club will be the ideal place for people who like to go beyond superficiality, and the favorite place for those who believe that it can be a solution to leave our children a world with a certain perspective.


What benefits will members have?

First of all, you will have exclusive access between 10am and 8pm. Members will then be able to use the services on the floor, such as the sauna, Turkish bath, changing rooms, the two hydromassages, and a 21-metre panoramic swimming pool with the last 6 meters cantilevered, which can also be used in winter as it is heated. Some of these, such as the lounge bar and the three massage rooms, will be subject to charges.



What opening hours will the lounge bar follow?

The lounge bar will be open from 10 in the morning to 2 in the morning and, in addition to the classic mixology proposal, will also serve all the other meals of the day: from breakfast to after dinner, passing through brunch, which will be held every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm.


Who will be in charge of coordinating the mixing project?

The bar manager who will take care of the offer will be Giorgio Lupi of the Cèentral Cocktail Bar in Turin, who will have a reference figure in Carlotta Linzalata, who will report to 3 bartenders, each of whom will also take care of the room service.


What will be the mixing idea?

The menu will cover all moments and needs of the day, respecting the sustainability criteria of the project. The cocktail menu will range from classics to signatures through twists. Part of the menu will then be dedicated to non-alcoholic and low alcohol cocktails and to the green section, with fruit and vegetable extracts and smoothies. There will also be a well-stocked selection of champagne and wines with particular attention to Triple A, natural and biodynamic labels.


What can you eat with it?

The entire gastronomic offer will respect the pillars of Green Pea. The 'hot section' will be managed by Casa Vicina (the starred restaurant that will move from the underground floor of Eataly to the 3rd floor of Otium) which will take care of the hot dishes for lunch and aperitifs, with bistro proposals, tapas for the aperitif and breakfast, with cakes, tarts and croissants. The 'cold section' will be curated by Otium chef Guido Pugliaro, who will prepare the sandwiches for breakfast, sandwiches, salads and carpaccio for lunch, aperitif and dinner.


What choice was made for the furnishings and how many seats will there be?

The furnishings will be in line with the Green Pea philosophy. The motto 'From duty to beauty' invites us to stop consuming unbridledly and to become more aware of our choices and the impact these can have on the environment. We shouldn't do all this out of duty but for pleasure. Thus, as regards the furnishings, recycled, sustainable materials with low environmental impact and a notable quantity of plants were selected. The total seats will be 120 equally divided between inside and outside, in the large heated dehors.



The events sector is temporarily blocked. What will your contribution as PR consist of?

Although the light at the end of the tunnel is still far away, we like to think positively. In line with current regulations, Otium Pea Club will host a rich and transversal program of activities, created in collaboration with Domenico di Benedetto. Every Wednesday and Sunday evening there will be green themed events, with thematic installations and the presence of artists or musicians. It will be a place open, especially in the initial phase, to meetings, private parties and product launches. There will be events dedicated to well-being, between body and mind, and food and wine events, hosted by bartenders, who will be able to meet at Otium as a place for discussion, companies and chefs. I will also take care of making sure people feel good at Otium. I will make sure it is a harmonious place and I will teach how to live it to the fullest.


The CEO and PR of Otium Pea Club Pier Luigi Rosito


What role does MT Magazine play in the project?

MT Magazine is helping Otium Pea Club in selecting the professional figures and companies to be involved in the project. From the opening onwards, however, it will support in the creation of the events hosted here: masterclasses with industry experts, meetings with companies and producers and evenings organized with guest bartenders, from the city and beyond.



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