[:it]Largo9 has opened in Florence, a pizzeria with a cocktail bar led by Veronica Costantino[:]



It was first proposed in the Italian trendsetter city par excellence, Milan, thegourmet pizza-cocktail pairing. Now, the proposal is built on the same combination Largo9, the new venue that opened on February 4th in Florence, every day from 12 to 6 pm – except Mondays, in the month of February only – in place of what was once the headquarters of the Santarpia pizzeria, in Largo Pietro Annigoni 9. The Eleva Group which oversaw the new opening, the same as tavern Beppa Fioraia, identified in the class of '88 from Cosenza Veronica Costantino and in the Piombino class of '85 Gabriele Dani, owner of the Tre Spicchi Gambero Rosso Disapore pizzeria in Cecina (LI), the two responsible for the cocktail bar and pizzeria project, which inaugurated in Sant'Ambrogio, a notoriously university and youthful neighborhood of the city.



The first, previously bar manager of the Singer Palace hotel in Rome e of the Florentine restaurant-cocktail bar Gunè from June 2019 until last December, was very enthusiastic about the project. “I decided to accept the call from Largo9 because it is a unique proposal in the square. Gabriele makes excellent pizzas and I am very proud to be able to offer my cocktails paired with them." Compared to the previous location, customers will be able to notice a renovated environment, "with a vintage-modern design, with soft lighting", in which a special space has been reserved cocktail bar, with a total of 60 seats among the 150 total. Unlike Gunè, where the cocktails were served in combination with the dishes, here they can also be ordered independently of the pizza, in the two environments which are interchangeable with each other. “Customers of the cocktail bar can order a pizza and vice versa, and the pairing of my drinks with Gabriele's pizzas is being studied”.


Ph Michele Tommaso


The paper focuses on a few targeted proposals. “For the opening I thought of structuring a menu with a dozens of signature cocktails, where the concept of liquid cuisine returns". Among the former there are some Veronica classics, such as Frida with tequila infused with red onion, basil and chilli, a touch of lime, a sprinkling of crumbled focaccia and pepper or the Chaste but not too conservative Casta grappa, spice mix, pink grapefruit juice, egg white, and others ready to become, such as Wide9 with Ginarte – sponsor of the cocktail bar – cedar water, pink pepper caramel, spicy soda. To satisfy the needs of all people, in particular those who wish to consume drinks paired with pizzas, also three non-alcoholic drinks, in view of an extension of the menu which will be effective when there are no longer time restrictions and the cocktail bar closes at 2 am.



The menu of pizzeria, created by the three-generation pizza chef Gabriele Dani who also deals with the production of bread and desserts for special occasions, is also designed on a few but intelligent proposals, for a total of fifteen-twenty options. Two it's production lines: the Neapolitan pizza cooked on a wood-fired and revolving gas oven and steam pizza, made crispy dry and seasoned with kitchen products cooked at low temperature. “Some examples of pizzas that can be tasted at Largo9 are the Marinara Gialla, with yellow datterino tomatoes sauce, oregano from Monte Saro, garlic from Nubia, stracciatella, anchovies from Cetara and Amalfi lemon, and the Tuna with cream of cannellini beans, tuna cooked at low temperature, goat cheese with chives, Tropea onions with balsamic vinegar”.




While the idea of pairing her cocktails with pizzas is new for Veronica, it is not new for Gabriele, who proposes the same pairing in his pizzeria in Cecina with the help of bartender Nadia Dancona. At Largo9 his pasta discs lend themselves to various combinations. “In addition to Neapolitan pizzas and steam-cooked ones, customers will also be able to combine cocktails with my tapas, such as the highly hydrating focaccia with creamed cod". While waiting for the Covid-19 situation to improve and guarantee more life to the cocktail bar, we wish you good luck with this new adventure.[:]

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