[:en]What a 2019 this has been! The Negroni has turned 100 years old, for the first time in Italy a national event dedicated to Mixology has been organized (Roma Bar Show) and our MT Magazine reaches its third edition. The latest news, compared to the others, would in itself be less surprising if it weren't for one detail: the small magazine created to talk about the clubs of Turin and Milan has grown big, covering almost all of Italy since Piedmont to Sicily. There are more than 100 cocktail bars in this edition, a goal for which MT Magazine has also given itself a new look, more readable, colorful and with barladies and bartenders at the center of everything, as has always been its philosophy. Yes, because we are certainly not the only magazine to talk about cocktail bars, but our focus has always been on the protagonists of mixology, that is, those whose hands mix what you like to drink. It is their tastes, their imprint and their experiences that we like to tell from their own voice, because no one could ever convey the experience of a cocktail bar to you better. Imagine MT Magazine as a window on the counter, an exclusive point of view on the work of those who experience the bar every evening and share it with their guests. Mixing, after all, is first of all sharing, and it is not a cliché. Sharing means exchanging ideas, sensations, projects, chatter and everything that makes us human. Is or isn't the bar counter the perfect place, even just because of its shape, to share all this and much more? It is no coincidence that barladies and bartenders have always been excellent entertainers, even if perhaps that is not exactly the right term. Talking to those in front of them who rely on them not only to drink well but to to stay well, it's part of their art, it's not a simple corollary.

We often hear the term "experience" used in the gastronomic and mixing fields, and in fact what we report on every page of MT Magazine is an experience made by us together with the bartenders in their cocktail bars. It is certainly ours, but the beauty of what evolves lies precisely in never being the same as itself. What will your experience be? You will like it? These are the questions we ask ourselves every time we close a new issue, hoping to have given you the tools not so much to judge but to choose a place to spend a few hours in company, having fun and always learning something more about this centuries-old art and always current which is mixology.[:]


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