[:it]The Editorial of the Director – Welcome Italy[:]

[:en]We started in 2017 with an ambitious project, that of wanting to tell you about the best cocktail bars in Italy in a single guide. The first edition, the "run-in" edition, covered two cities very well: Turin and Milan, represented by their most important venues. By collecting them, the need immediately arose to give them as much visibility as possible, because MT Magazine is first and foremost a tool to introduce you to the bartenders, the true protagonists of every cocktail bar. Thus was born Mix Contest, an event that has revolutionized the way of understanding cocktail competitions in Italy, which have always been dedicated more to professionals than to the general public. The merit of Mix Contest, which is now on its second national tour, was to put the best of mixology in contact with its enthusiasts at each stage who, moreover, were able and still can indicate their favorite cocktail, contributing to elect the winner.

The year 2018 marked a decisive turning point for MT Magazine, characterized by the opening to more Italian cities: Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome. It was a richer edition and a proponent of new ideas in terms of events related to mixing: A Table Cocktail, for example, was a competition in which the aim of each bartender was to create a drink using exclusively kitchen ingredients and which could be paired well with a gourmet dish.

And then we come to today, 2019, the year of the dream come true. MT Magazine goes national! No longer divided into cities but into Regions, it touches all the great Italian realities dedicated to mixing, from Piedmont to Sicily, along the entire Peninsula. It was difficult, challenging, exciting, new. MT Magazine itself is somewhat “new”. You will find a different layout, a specific focus on the bartender and on what we, and not just us, increasingly like to consider an art: mixology. It's time for thanks: thanks to Pier Luigi Rosito and the To Be agency which has always believed in the project and makes it possible every year. Thanks to all our partners for two reasons: the first is the very high quality of their products, which we are honored to be able to tell you about in MT Magazine, and the second is their precious support, without which none of this would have been possible . And finally thanks to you, who always read and follow us and who, soon, will be able to download the MT Magazine APP to find the perfect cocktail bar wherever you are!

Now that 2019 is coming to an end, I take advantage of this space to wish you all my warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, start it by drinking... responsibly! 


Lalla Carello[:]


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