[:it]Mixology celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Federico Fellini[:]


On January 20, 1920, Federico Fellini was born, an absolute genius of the seventh art who, with his films, influenced all subsequent cinema and contributed to creating the perception that the rest of the world has of Italy.

In this 2020 that has just begun, on the centenary of his birth, the celebrations in honor of the great director will continue for the entire year. His influence has also reached the world of Italian mixology which wanted to pay homage to him by creating cocktails inspired by him.

There are 4 bartenders who compared themselves with 4 different works by the Maestro to give life to their latest mixes.



Roberta Martino, barlady at the Palazzaccio in Rome and co-founder of the ShakHer collective which brings together a group of barladies, created this cocktail inspired by Fellini's famous 1973 masterpiece. A nostalgic "Amarcord", which recalls the style and alcoholic structure of the drinks once upon a time.


15ml Hine Cognac VSOP
15 ml of Amaro Formidabile
30 ml of Parrots Remember Trinidad rum
15 ml of Dry Curacao Pierre Ferrand
3 drops from Amargo Chuncho.


Juliet of the spirits

Valeria Bassetti, the barlady of Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari in Rome, was inspired by the film Juliet of the spirits to create his namesake cocktail. His choice is due to the admiration he has for the way Fellini talks about women and the drink has an entirely feminine elegance in itself.


30 ml Formidable Bitter
15ml Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin
3 spoons of black cherry syrup
Flower Power edible dehydrated violets

Marcello, come here!

Carmelo Buda, owner and bartender of Oliva.co Cocktail Society in Catania, was inspired by the famous film The sweet life for its drink, specifically to the character of Sylvia – played by Anita Ekberg – with a twist on one of the most elegant cocktails ever, the White Lady, served on the rocks.


40 ml VII Hills Italian Dry Gin
35 ml clarified mandarin cordial
25 ml Verdello citric solution
1 Chartreau barspoon


8 and 1/2

Alessandro di Fabrizio, bartender at La Nuova Lavanderia in Pescara, was inspired by the most dreamlike of Fellini's works, creating a drink that represents a tribute to the Roman world.


50ml VII Hills Italian Dry Gin
1 dash Absinthe Versinthe
20 ml chamomile and cardamom cordial
20 ml lemon juice
10 ml mandarin juice
1 dash gentian
Pomegranate toned fill up


All these Fellini-inspired cocktails have one element in common: among their ingredients they contain Italian - more precisely Roman - products with a strong personality. The barladies both chose theFormidable bitterness, which was awarded the gold medal in the spirits & specialty category at the International Spirits Challenge 2019, while the barmen used the VII Hills Italian Dry Gin, produced in Italy with seven botanicals inspired by the herbs that grow on the seven Roman hills. A further tribute to Fellini, who told Rome like no one else ever.




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