[:it]Fabbri 1905, the love for mixology that comes from the past[:]


Fabbri 1905 is an amazing company. Bolognese heart, international brain, it occupies a leading place in the world of mixology and has an active role in many initiatives.

On the other hand, it is certainly nothing new. The iconic Fabbri maraschino cherry has decorated the most famous cocktails since time immemorial, such as the Manhattan, the Pina Colada, the John Collins, the Mary Pickford and many others.

Marendry, the historic black cherry bitter that Fabbri 1905 had not produced since the 1970s, is now back on the market and is a protagonist in the world of mixology: just think that the 2019 edition of the World Cocktail Championship, which was held in China, crowned the winner of the young Latvian Andris Reizenbergs who triumphed with a cocktail that has Marendry among its ingredients.

Furthermore, among the 88 bartenders who participated in the important international competition, 21 chose to use Fabbri 1905 products for their creations.

To celebrate the centenary of its famous black cherry, in 2015, Fabbri created the Lady Amarena competition, an international competition which succeeded in involving countries - such as Nigeria and the Emirates - which are difficult to imagine linked to a context such as mixology and least of all, declined to the feminine.

Instead, the competition grows year after year, it is a real success, and has the great merit of valorizing the work of the women behind the counter, which is often still viewed with a certain suspicion.

The latest edition, held in October 2019, had more than 4000 participants from 5 continents.

Among the Italians, Adriana Firicato, head bartender of the Teatro Santa Cecilia in Palermo, stood out and won the title with her cocktail "La Lupa", dedicated to Verga's novel and the rebellious woman who is its protagonist.

Among the chosen ones from all the countries, a further competition was then held which crowned the world winner, who in this edition comes from China: her name is Liu Ting Zheng, she works in Shanghai and she triumphed with a cocktail which she named " Hi beautiful".

The all-female competition jury features 14 highly competent personalities: barladies, entrepreneurs, journalists, writers, food experts. Among them was also Cinzia Ferro, bar manager of Piano 35 in Turin, winner of the first edition of Lady Amarena in 2015. The only male exception of the competition, the presenter: the very famous Bruno Vanzan, barman included in the world's Top ten and ambassador since 2018 of Fabbri 1905.



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