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At the end of 2020, a digital portal was born - OnOnExperience - which aims to offer visitors the same bar experience while staying at home and which aims to represent an additional and alternative way for bartenders to make themselves known. We talked about it with the creator Valerio Albrizio.


What is OnOnExperience

OnOn is the sustainable alternative to the way of experiencing the bar. It was born from the idea of digitizing the experience that can be had by entering the best bars in the world while enjoying an excellent drink. For Bartenders it is the possibility of expanding their bar counter and reaching any customer in the world. It is a platform that allows you to connect drinking lovers with professionals.


The idea

The idea was born from Valerio Albrizio and dates back to two years ago "I decided to create it together with my partner Alessio Edy Grasso, who boasts great experience in the field of communication and digital marketing, and to structure it together with the other three partners: Khrystyna Grytsychyn , who deals with customer care, the bartender Patrick Pistolesi, who deals with the openings of digital venues and the verticalisation of the format, and Francesco Calosso, former vice-president and marketing director for Sky Italia. We launched it (in a beta version) on December 27, 2020.”


Patrick Pistolesi


What does it consist of?

OnOnExperience is a platform in which every bartender - there are already personalities of the caliber of Gianluca Amato, Terry Monroe, Lucas Kelm, Francesco Spenuso and Daniele Gentili - can open their own virtual venue, where they can organize themed evenings of any kind and where the customer can decide which counter to sit at, to live the unique experience, learn how to make one/more cocktails directly from the chosen bartender and consume it together. “We don't want to replace the actual bar, but create a digital alternative, which is not represented by the usual masterclasses. It really feels like sitting at a bar counter, as the same sociality is created."


Gianluca Amato
Terry Monroe


How it works for bartenders

For bartenders intending to open their own place, it is necessary to go to the appropriate one page of the site and fill out the form by sending your application, which will be selected by Valerio Albrizio and Patrick Pistolesi. If approved, it will take a few days to open. Once this step has been done, the bartender can organize any evening he wants in the way he prefers: he can choose the time and duration, the theme and the language he prefers. Regarding the number of participants, however, "we always recommend sticking to a limited number of participants, from 4 to 8. The objective is to relate directly with customers and give them a unique and exclusive experience. It's like being at the bar counter."


How it works for customers

On the user side, the process is even simpler. “Once you have created your profile, you can book yourself for any evening you want, paying for your own stool and finding the ingredients you will need for the occasion; there is also the possibility of create an evening exclusively in the company of friends and/or relatives by purchasing all the stools". For those who want to give an evening as a gift, there are also gift cards.


Future development

We are preparing to launch the OnOn Boxes, containing the ingredients and/or tools needed to make cocktails. There will also be an expansion of the types of content and bars present on the platform with the involvement of both international bartenders such as Valentino Longo and Giorge Cerrone. So our Lives will become multilingual. Another idea for expanding OnOnExperience are live broadcasts from social channels, "where the public will be able to watch but not participate" and podcasts, in order to give more people the opportunity to enjoy the content when they prefer.


Valentino Longo


Because it will remain even after

When all the bars reopen and the health emergency is over, OnOnExperience will remain the best alternative experience to the physical bar counter. Customers will continue to be able to 'go and drink' in distant bars while staying at home and bartenders will have the opportunity to communicate with an increasingly larger and international audience. “Another advantage, not to be underestimated, will be the exclusivity of the time spent with the bartender who, in the pre-established time slot, will be completely available to customers”.[:]

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