[:it]The Rinaldi 1957 catalog expands with Cocktaileria del Golfo products[:]



Cocktaileria del Golfo is a line of Ready-to-drink craft cocktails, to be enjoyed in any context and place, such as at the seaside, a boat trip, an aperitif at sunset, a dinner with friends, an unmissable event. Enter the distribution portfolio Rinaldi 1957 for the "quality of the products and their complementarity with the rest of the portfolio, allowing an expansion of the intended use and clientele" as he says Gabriele Rondani PR & Marketing Director of the Bologna company. It is no coincidence that the production choice is entrusted to the emerging autonomous distillery "Dripstillery" Of Flavio Angiolillo and gods Vita brothers, in which Flavio's team makes a large contribution.



Cocktaileria del Golfo is a project born from the collaboration of Porto51, well-known cocktail bar and bistro on the island of Ischia, with Aragonese distilleries, discoverers of the Figaro liqueur. Cocktaileria del Golfo is the result of great work by the spouses Alexander (Administrator) and Anna Good (Head of design and communications) founders of Distillerie Aragonesi, and brothers Dorian (Mixologist) and Francesco Mancusi (Pr & Event Manager) of Porto51. Territoriality, craftsmanship and elegance, combined with their experience in Italy and abroad, meant that Cocktaileria del Golfo came to life: not (just) a delivery solution in the times of Covid-19, but above all a new reality founded to support the Hospitality in maintaining high quality standards.



The signed drink list Doriano Mancusi – as a bartender he gained experience in Australia and Milan – is a selection of the most loved classic cocktails of all time, starting from excellent raw materials to accompany all moments of the day. From a fresh aperitif like the Milano-Turin, or a more decisive one like the Negroni, to cocktails to be enjoyed in combination with meals like the Penicillin and the Daiquiris, or the simple fresh taste of summer, present in Aviation and Pornstar Martini, up to the most popular after-dinner ever, theOld Fashioned.



Two "signature cocktails" lead the way: the Figroni and the Ciro Martini, destined to become new classics:

  • The Figroni it is a lovely aperitif, born from a twist on the eternal Negroni with the addition of Figaro, a refined fig liqueur to which it owes its name and whose fig note, of fine sweetness, adds to the bitter and dry flavor of Fusetti bitters and amaro.
  • The Ciro Martini he is “the black born son of Cocktaileria del Golfo” (ref. Tammurriata Nera). A twist on the Espresso Martini with delicate notes of liquorice, an irresistible end-of-meal sip that Italians will no longer be able to do without.



Cocktaileria del Golfo is also one state of mind, of joy through its Mediterranean colours, of elegance with its silk-screen prints, of craftsmanship for its "message in the bottle" packaging, like a bottle that comes from the sea to bring a message of taste and pleasure through its cocktails. The brand's communication choice is made of images and colors that represent the Mediterranean. An image in which people recognize themselves. It is a lively, fresh brand, which combines the modern with the classic and which with its name and its label, a picture of Gulf of Naples designed by Anna Buono and inspired by the pictorial lines of Mario Mazzella, it magically manages to convey all this.[:]

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