[:it]Rinaldi 1957, all the news of 2020[:]

[:en]Great news accompanied the start of 2020 for Rinaldi 1957, which for years has boasted a very rich portfolio of spirits, liqueurs and wines. There are numerous brands that have enriched the already wide assortment of excellent products marketed by the company.

The first and most awaited is certainly the Barbancourt Haitian Rhum, which has not been available in Europe for more than two years.  It is a French-style agricultural product in Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti, obtained directly from the fermentation of fresh sugar cane juice and not from molasses. What makes it special, in addition to the mastery of distillation, is the aging in French Limousin white oak barrels.


It also enters Rinaldi's brand portfolio HSE – Habitation Saint Etienne, which boasts an assortment of Martinique rums of the highest quality.


Then there is thebitter Twenty, unique for the particularity of using exclusively Italian botanicals, 20 as the name suggests, one for each region of Italy. This product is also available in its non-alcoholic version, excellent for creating alcohol-free cocktails. 


Polugar it is a truly particular product: it is the ancestor of modern vodka. Before 1895 the column distillation with which vodka is currently produced had not yet been invented; instead, a cereal distillate was produced in copper stills, just like single malt whisky, and was called "Bread-Wine" or, precisely, "Polugar". Reproduced today in Poland, Polugar is nothing like modern vodka. It is something different, older and unique. 


Among the many excellent products there is also Gin Rivo, a gin that uses the best botanicals hand-picked on Lake Como by the Rivolta family. A gin with a complex but soft flavour, characterized by notes of lemon balm and thyme, also presented by the company in the sloe version, made with exclusively Italian blackthorn berries.


Always a gin but this time all American: it is Aviation Gin, the most popular ever on social media, of which Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds is the largest shareholder. Aviation belongs to a new category of Dry Gin, in which we try to give less prominence to the juniper in favor of a more balanced mix of botanical herbs, including cardamom, lavender and coriander.


Mauricia, named after the owners' sugar cane domaine, is a rum made with 100% fresh sugar cane juice. In 1819, the family built a sugar mill and distillery on the sugarcane property. From the 19th century to today, Domaine Mauricia has always been managed in the same way.


Amaethon it is the name of the Welsh god of agriculture, and barley has been cultivated in France since Gaulish times. Following the French whiskey tradition, Amaethon is made from uniquely high-quality barley grown in France and aged in delicate wood, giving it low tannins and exceptional wheat and bready notes. [:]


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