[:it]Selvatiq, the sustainable spirits born from invasive wild plants[:]


Have you ever heard of conservative foraging? For those who don't know, it's the practice of harvesting invasive wild plants for the purpose of turning them into resources, usually into food, as many chefs do and have always done. In the case of SelvatiqHowever, foraging was used to create spirits, three to be precise: a Gin, a Vermouth and a Bitter.

The project was born from the meeting between Charles Lanthier, an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the Spirits sector and Valeria Margherita Mosca, founder of Wood*Eng Lab, a research and experimental laboratory specialized in the investigation and use of wild food as a food and cultural resource, located near Milan.

After a year spent exploring the most "wild" areas of Valtellina, the first Selvatiq collection was born, called "Beyond", which literally means "beyond": a name chosen to underline the fact that Selvatiq products are not simple distillates, but they have within them the power of connection with nature and the taste of sustainability.

The product packaging has also been designed to best express the sustainable value of the project: minimal design, recycled glass and natural cork stopper.

Beyond Gin is characterized by the presence of lime flowers, sage and clover, while in Beyond Vermouth Scots pine buds prevail. Finally, Beyond Bitter is characterized by the aroma of one of the best-known weeds of all: couch grass.

Limited runs and a fairly high price (between 60 and 70 euros, not too much if you consider the research and work behind it) characterize these particular products which have the world of catering as their initial target.

After Valtellina, other territories have already been selected and are being tested for the next productions of this project oriented towards sustainability and respect for nature.



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