[:it]Shake your future: Bacardi's project for the bartenders of tomorrow[:]

[:en]If a few years ago having a passion meant an edge in building your professional future, today, unfortunately, it may not be enough.

The road towards solid and above all long-lasting professionalisation is more troubled than ever for our young people, in whatever sector they want to try to establish themselves and whatever their initial preparation.

This is the situation, but fortunately there are those who don't just stand by and watch. Bacardi, the largest private spirits company in the world, will officially present the Shake Your Future project this Thursday, September 26, in Terrazza Martini in Milan.

This is an initiative created to help fight youth unemployment, a company training program in the field of bartending and mixology, which aims to give young people a job opportunity in the hospitality sector.

Bacardi had already started the pilot project in 2018, developing it in collaboration with the European Bartender School, with which the Group's French headquarters already had consolidated relationships. With youth unemployment at an all-time high (15% across the European Union and up to 33% in Italy) and the industry's shortage of qualified bartenders, the program aims to address both challenges.

Participants in the 10-week program will be trained in the art of bartending and mixology and will also have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in some of the industry's leading bars and restaurants in several Italian cities, including Milan, a of the most relevant capitals in the field of mixology. Upon completion of the course, students will receive an internationally recognized diploma along with the opportunity to work. This will allow them to turn their lives around and build a more stimulating and satisfying future.

The program will run annually in each of the cities where it has been launched with an ever-increasing number of bars and restaurants committing to supporting Shake Your Future and offering trainees the experience needed to start their new professional activities.

Shake Your Future opens a door to a new world for all those who are motivated to pass through it. This is just the beginning", stated Stèphane Cluzet, Martini & Rossi – Bacardi Group Country Manager, “Our aim is to make a difference and I hope that in the years to come Shake Your Future will change the lives of hundreds of unemployed young people trying to get ahead in life. They deserve a second chance and we want to give it to them. Shake Your Future provides technical skills and expertise that, together, will enable these young people to build a fantastic career in the world of bartending. And not only.”


Application form: Apply to Shake Your Future



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