[:en]Tell me what Spritz you order and I'll tell you who you are[:]

[:en]Italians: people of saints, poets and navigators. A united country, but fragmented into a thousand different dialects, cultures, football faiths and traditions. Only one thing makes us all agree: the aperitif. When time X strikes, which fluctuates between 6pm and 8pm, it doesn't matter whether it's a weekday or a weekend: we feel the need to sit at a table and sip a good cocktail, usually a Spritz.
But if we think about it, perhaps we don't even agree on that. Which Spritz to order?
Just like when we ask for a coffee and the poor barista has to keep track of all our bizarre preferences - lungo, short, espresso, hot macchiato, cold macchiato, etc. - the same is now true for the Spritz.
Leaving aside the hybrids (yes, there are also those who order disturbing chimeras), there are four best-known versions of the famous cocktail:

Aperol Spritz

Whether it's because you don't go out often and you're not really a professional "aperitif" or because you really like this sparkling orange cocktail, order this version to be on the safe side and not "miss the shot". Its sweet and sour and balanced flavor satisfies you from the first sip and convinces you more every day that drinking it is always an excellent idea.

Here is the recipe for making a perfect Aperol Spritz:

1/3 Aperol
1/3 White wine or Prosecco
1/3 Mineral Water, Soda or Seltzer
Slice of orange (or olive for the more refined)
2 to 6 ice cubes

Bitter Spritz

Drink the Bitter Spritz because you are not satisfied with ordering "what the others get". You like to dare and you don't let yourself be intimidated by its bitter aftertaste. Indeed, this sanguine contrast with the sparkling wine amuses you and every sip is a satisfaction for the palate.

Preparing it at home is literally a walk in the park:

1/3 Bitter (the most used is Campari)
1/3 White wine or Prosecco
1/3 Mineral Water, Soda or Seltzer
Slice of lemon or orange
2 to 6 ice cubes

Cynar Spritz

Then there is a lesser-known variant that only the indomitable Spritz drinker dares to approach. You've had a lot of them and you would never say "the usual" to the bartender who takes your order. You like to challenge him, see how far he can go, and let yourself be amazed. You want to experiment and are always looking for something new. That means the perfect cocktail for you is the Cynar Spritz!

To propose it again in a home version:

1/3 Cynar
1/3 White wine or Prosecco
1/3 Mineral Water, Soda or Seltzer
Lemon slice
2 to 6 ice cubes

Select Spritz

You are Venetian and you honorably claim the paternity of the Spritz. There is only one authentic version for you. If it comes to ordering it you have no doubts: you order the "real" one, that is the version with the Select, and you immediately feel as if you were sitting at one of the tables in Piazza San Marco on a Sunday afternoon. Your motto is only one: beware of imitations.

To recreate the same atmosphere:

1/3 Select
1/3 White wine or Prosecco
1/3 Mineral Water, Soda or Seltzer
Olive or lemon slice
2 to 6 ice cubes



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