[:it]Mexico and Clouds and… Margarita![:]


Mexico, the sun, a plate of enchiladas and… a frozen margarita. A dream, especially in this period of uncertain climate that is affecting the whole Peninsula.

Luckily you don't need to go all the way to Mexico (but if you can, do it) to drink an excellent Margarita, because this cocktail is not only one of the most famous Latin American classics but was also among the 15 most drunk in the world in 2018. A good result , don't you think?

Obviously, many have claimed paternity of a cocktail like this, and even more have read about its origin.

In the 1930s, in the Mexican city of Tijuana, a cocktail called Tequila “Daisy”, which in Spanish translates as Margarita, apparently circulated.

Ten years later, in the 1940s, a Mexico City bartender claimed to have invented the Margarita, a cocktail made with Tequila, Triple-sec and fresh lime juice.

Many then attribute the authorship of the cocktail to a series of bartenders who were generally in love with a woman named Margarita, who inspired their creativity and to whom the drink itself was then dedicated.

Fresh, citric, more or less sweet depending on taste, the Margarita is an elegant cocktail that goes perfectly with tasty and spicy dishes. Despite what you might think, it can be consumed in any season of the year, although the hot months are probably those in which it offers the most pleasant sensations.

How to prepare it? In the meantime, get yourself a Margarita glass or, alternatively, a Martini glass and fill it with ice.

The ingredients you need are:

3.5 cl of Tequila

2 cl of Triple-Sec

1.5 cl of fresh lime or lemon juice.


Lightly wet half the rim of the glass with a slice of lime and dip it in a cup of salt.

Squeeze the lime or lemon and filter the juice.

Place all the ingredients in the shaker and shake vigorously for about ten seconds.

Then pour the drink into the glass and enjoy your Margarita!



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