[:en]The 5 most famous cocktails on TV[:]

[:en]The success of a cocktail does not just depend on how good it is. It has never been like this and never will be.
Of course, quality is of primary importance, the bartender or barlady who prepares it are essential co-protagonists and then there are them: the influencers without their knowledge.

Yes, because in the era in which everything must be worn, tried on, approved by collectors of likes on Instagram, not everyone has remembered that the archetypes of current influencers have been before our eyes for decades, influencing us in a perhaps less aggressive but equally effective and, sometimes, completely unconscious.

Actors for example. They have dictated fashions, movements and sayings, they have even inspired new parents in choosing names for their children, with sometimes unlikely results, but who are we to judge? Well, for cocktails it was and still is the same, even if for some time now political correctness has made people drink less and less on the big screen, but the immortal icons who have brought so much luck to drinks that have now entered the collective imagination have did their job well.

Below we propose some of them with their respective cocktails, let's see how many you know.


Karen Walker, Will & Grace – Martini Cocktail

Cynical, very rich, alcoholic and drug addict. Probably the best character of the hit 90s/2000s series Will & Grace and one of the best ever in the universe of American sitcoms. Karen Walker, with her sharp sarcasm and her non-existent inhibitory brakes, has made millions of viewers laugh for years and continues to do so today, a time in which perhaps a character with her characteristics could no longer exist due to the political correctness mentioned above . Already drunk in the early morning, Karen has never expressed a particular preference for one of her "boyfriends" in 9 seasons, but the frequent references to gin and the Martini glass perpetually in her hand betray a certain passion for the classic of classics: the Martini Cocktail, for the preparation of which you will need:

6 cl Gin
1 cl dry Vermouth


Pour all the ingredients into the mixing glass with ice. Mix well. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with an olive.


James Bond, 007 Saga – Vodka Martini shaken not stirred

We have already talked about it in a previous article, but admit it, how many times would you have liked to have the courage to put on a tuxedo, find an American bar and go and order it exactly like the most famous secret agent in the world? Maybe out of fear that the bartender would throw the shaker at you, or maybe because you don't like Vodka Martini, you've never done it, but this doesn't take anything away from the fame of a cocktail that has become sacred for lovers of the 007 saga. Intense, dry, rather alcoholic, this variation of the classic Martini Cocktail is among the most appreciated by connoisseurs and those who prefer Vodka to Gin, the main ingredient of the drink whose recipe is the following:


6 cl Vodka

1 cl Martini Dry


Pour all the ingredients into the mixing glass with ice. Mix well.

Serve in a martini glass and garnish with an olive.


Gabrielle Solis, Desperate Housewives – Margarita

The series directed by Marc Cherry was a blockbuster and kept millions of viewers glued to the screen, both men and women, thanks to an excellent script, excellent actors and a perfect, albeit deliberately exacerbated, staging of the microcosm of American residential neighborhoods . The protagonists are 4 "desperate" housewives, each characterized by giving voice to a certain type of more or less desperate but still real women. One of the protagonists, Gabrielle Solis, is a bored and beautiful former model who left the catwalks to marry a wealthy businessman and spends her days, first alone and then with her new friends, sipping a typical cocktail of its Latin origins: the Margarita.


3.5 cl Tequila

2 cl Cointreau

1.5 cl freshly squeezed lime juice


Place all the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Mix well. Serve in a Margarita glass rimmed with salt.


Don Draper, Mad Men – Old Fashioned

Brilliant advertiser with a stormy past, Don Draper is the protagonist of the successful series Mad Men in which he plays a cynical, nihilistic character, disillusioned with life and above all with love, despite the surface saying quite the opposite. A figure from times gone by, elegant and complex, could not fail to be accompanied by a cocktail with the same characteristics, perhaps one of the best known and drunk in the world: the Old Fashioned. Recently elected the most drunk cocktail in 2018, it is made like this:


4.5 cl Bourbon or Rye Whiskey

2 drops of Angostura bitters

1 sugar cube

1 splash of soda


Place the sugar cube in the glass, flavor with Angostura and dissolve with soda. Pour in the ice and finally the whisky, stirring lightly. Flavor by squeezing a lemon peel, decorate with a maraschino cherry.


Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, Sex and the City – Cosmopolitan

The four of them, their stories, their loves and... their Cosmopolitan have made the history of TV series. Finding yourself in a bar in New York hoping to meet them? Who knows how many will have done it, with the inevitable Cosmopolitan holding the game. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda really drank it in rivers during the 6 seasons of one of the most loved and famous series of all time, drowning in it sorrows, celebrating joys in it and transforming it, in fact, into the fashion cocktail par excellence. How to prepare it? Very simple!

4 cl of vodka

1.5 cl of triple sec

1.5 cl of lime juice

3 cl of blueberry juice


Squeeze the lemon and filter the juice. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, shake, pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a slice of lime.




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