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In Rome, between the Circus Maximus and the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, in viale Giotto 1 the first real Whiskey Bar in the capital opened. It's called GOLD and theidea, fruit of the creativity of the entrepreneur Andrea Fofi already creator of the Roma Bar Show and who sees bartender Daniele Gentili is at the helm of mixing, is the natural continuation of a path undertaken just under ten years ago. “ORO is the end of a journey that began in 2011 with the creation of the Roma Whiskey Festival and which over the years has seen the birth of Whisky & Co, a shop specializing in high-level whiskeys in via Margutta, and the academy, a school of training” said Andrea Fofi. “We just needed a place to drink whiskey, which is GOLD.”


The counter

In the welcoming 25-seat room, dominated by the counter and the bottle rack, customers can leaf through a card over 500 labels of the distillate, selected by Pino Perrone, partner of Andrea Fofi and Whiskey Consultant, and Chiara Marinelli, brand ambassador and educational manager at the Roma Whiskey Festival. There are whiskeys from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, America and the rest of the world, those distilled and bottled in the old millennium, and those produced by now closed distilleries. There is also the possibility of storing your own whisky, with a personalized label, in a cabinet, to then be able to taste it in the best possible way, with excellent service.


The room, with the cabinets

In addition to being the protagonist in purity, whiskey is also the protagonist, as mentioned, in the menu created by the consultant, who later became a partner, Daniele Gentili. “For ORO I created a drink list in which each cocktail can be ordered in three different versions, with prices that vary depending on the type of whisky, and is explained with some macro descriptors made by Pino and Chiara, who indicate the notes that characterize it. Some examples are cereal, sweet, fruity, herbaceous, smoky and woody.” At ORO anyone can become passionate about the spirit. “We have our own version of Champagne Cocktail, the Savage with Green Spot Irish Whiskey, Champagne Jacquart Mosaique Brut, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, Capovilla Pere and Bergamotto, and a higball whisky, the Oro Highball #1, with Toki Japanese Blended Whiskey and Spuma d'oro Paoletti – a golden reinterpretation of the 'Italian blonde foam with an addition of Lapsang tea – which we serve with sage and a block of crystalline ice.' On the menu there are also some Gentili signatures, one of which, the Where did you come from? with whisky, dry vermouth, Select bitters and Maraschino, “it comes aged in an amphora made with terracotta from Impruneta”. For those who would like an accompaniment to their order, there are sweet and savory mignon and single portions by Casa Manfredi.


Where did you come from?
Savory mignons
Three Chocolate Single Portion


Another peculiarity of ORO Whiskey Bar, unique in the context, is the presence of a limited edition drink which varies every 79 (like the atomic number of gold) orders. It is served with a coaster that indicates its progressive number and, like the following ones, once finished it can no longer be ordered. "The Limited Edition Cocktail GOLD #1, was made with Ardmore 2009, bottled for this year's Roma Whiskey Festival, Savage syrup, house-made bitters and edible gold.”



  • Every day: 7pm-12am
  • Telephone: 347 819 3720
  • Address: Viale Giotto, 1, 00153 Rome RM


Limited Edition Cocktail GOLD #1

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