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At the speakeasy Milanese company of the Farmily group, il 1930 Cocktail Bar, the new drink list curated by Bar Manager Fabio Cavagna was presented. As in the other establishments of the Flavio Angiolillo family, of which Benjamin is one of the partners, a distinctive aspect of the new menu was originality: the ambition of wanting to propose something unusual, something never seen before. Every six monthshere the menu changes continent and, on this occasion, it was South America's turn. Everything speaks to the theme: from the setting, characterized by the presence of characteristic plants and ornaments, to the cocktail proposal. “In this menu we wanted to highlight some characteristic ingredients, fruits and plants” commented the Bar Manager. “We focused mainly on rum, a product that has clearly different aromas between the Caribbean and the mainland, on other typical spirits, such as tequila, cachaça and pisco, and on whisky”. The 15 cocktails on the drink list range from Caipirinha 2.0, with lime juice, sugar, ice with Yaguara cachaça to La Piña, with a mix of 1930 rum, spiced pineapple juice, coconut water and coconut cream, up to Cocoa, with Pusser's navy rum, cocoa rum, passion fruit shrub, cocoa bean syrup and unrefined cane sugar, chocolate bitters. The real peculiarity of this menu lies in the fact that you can read it on a plant, of agave or aloe, placed on each table and on whose leaves the name of the cocktails is written, with their characteristics. Each plant also has a highlighted writing that represents the instinct that can be acquired by drinking that cocktail. “For those who prefer to read the menu in the classic way there is also the QR code, but having adopted this solution, which is at the same time part of the furniture, helped us from a Covid-19 perspective. In this way you have a reusable menu, which can be easily disinfected." The gastronomic offer has also been designed on a theme, with four delicious sandwiches that satisfy all preferences. They range from Gambero with Argentinian prawn tartare, liquid spinach, lime mayonnaise, mixed salad to Vegetarian with fermented cabbage, carrots, white onion, peppers, celery, tomato paste, paprika, sour cream, mixed salad.


The plant-shaped menu
The room

The Bar Manager Fabio Cavagna

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